More GOOD News for “Your Life” of Better Health and Life

It is a great day today!  Ye baby!

Check this out:

“Our genetic makeup changes by the minute, based on what we are thinking and choosing.”

“…we are not victims of our biology; we control our biology.”  Dr. Leaf, Switch on Your Brain

The above 2 statements go cross grain to what most of us have been taught for many years now.  We mostly have been taught that we can work hard and do our best, but when it comes down to it we are severely limited by our genetics and DNA.  We all have heard also that what we think on can impact our lives and our health, yet I dont think most people realize just how much of an impact their thought lives do have, and CAN HAVE on their health and lives.

Here at God-Built we have pushed this fact and truth (as we believe it to be) as one of our foundational principles for taking control of ones health and life.  Now we didnt dream this up or think this up on our own of course.  This has been a fact that has been taught by many leading scientists for many years.  but the main reason we have taught this is because it is simply a true principle of God from His Word.

God teaches us that we are not victims, but through Christ we are victors, and literally “more than conquerors”.  He says that we are “as we think we are”.  And He tells us to “take captive every thought and imagination that comes to us”.  Then we literally can and will choose whether or not we allow ourselves to think on those thoughts.  He says to “think only on those things that are true, kind, noble, of good report, etc”.  He literally tells us to “not worry”, and to “Be Thankful”.  This is all from His Word.

There is tremendous power we have available to us through our thought life.  Our thought life will either hinder our health and life, or it will help to improve it.  And that is all up to each person.  You personallly have a say so in your health and your life.  as we all know, you can not control every thing that happens to you and around you, yet you can control your reaction to it.  By your reaction to stress, trajedy, adverstiy, you will determine your health and life.

My sincere suggestion to you is to understand that in every situation in your life, no matter where you are at in your health and any other area of life, you do have a choice as to how you respond with your thoughts, your words, and of course your actions.  Remember though your actions will not be consistently the Right ones if your thinking is not right.  Your thoughts actually produce measureable, physical change in the body.  This is scientifically proven.  And these physical changes determined by your thoughts will determine to a large extent your health.

The statement God gave me so many years back as a “slogan” for God-Built is becoming more and more real to me: ‘YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE”  God bless u kj


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