July 4th Indepedance Day Celebration Tips for better Health & Life!

It is a great day to have a great day!  Ye baby!

Man The Johnson’s had a great week at the beach last week, and now we are excited about an awesome July 4th, Independance Day celebration tomorrow.  Here are a few tips for you to think on during our Nation’s great day of celebration for Freedom:

Thank God almighty for the blessing of living in the great USA.

Be Thankful for all the men and women that did, and do serve our country to help keep us FREE!

Have FUN.

Laugh – remember laughter is good medicine for you mentally and physically

Eat some good food – the whole while with the full intent to still be IN CONTROL of food, even if it is simply on the portion part.

Think Good Thoughts – of course think good and Thankful thoughts for the blessings mentioned above.  Also go ahead and think about how awesome this week is going to be with how great you are going to do with taking control of your health and life.

Speak great words – Speak great words of encouragement to others and yourself.

Be Excited – get excited about your life and the fact that you are blessed to be a blessing.  Then go be one!

Train yourself to be and do what you dream – literally take hold of mind will and emotions, and train them to think, speak, and do what God has already put inside you!


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