Are you Making IT harder than it really is? Improve your Health & Life NOW

Its a great day today to have a great day!

Are you making IT harder than it really is?!! That is the question I want you consider.  And the “It” can be any thing in your life that you are working towards and or using as a means to improve your health and life.

Many times in our health and life endeavors, we make things a lot harder than they really are and or need to be.  Take for instance Nutrition, or Diet.  We all know that this is a key component to improving our health and experiencing weight and body fat loss.  Over the years I have heard something along these lines many many times: “Well I am going to go on such and such diet, and I know it is going to really help me to lose weight and get control of my health.  BUT!!!, man it sure is going to be hard.  I mean I am going to do it, but dang I know it is going to be so hard.  And I am going to stick it out, but man oh man I just know how hard it is going to be.  I mean I know I am going to be hungry all the time.  I surely cant eat anything I want to.  I am going to have to eat a bunch of stuff I dont like.  And dang when I go our with friends it is going to be so tough to resist the “good” foods.  Dang I know it is going to be tough, but I am going to do it, and blah blah blah……”

You ever said anything like that?  Most of us have to some degree.  And the huge problem and Mistake that is made here is that we end up making the whole thing a whole lot harder than it really should be.  A lot of life really does come done to how you “see” things.  And how you see things, therefore “Think On” things goes on in your mind most of the time.  Remember the Mind is that part of the Soul that God gave us, along with our Will and Emotions.  And He gave us those so that we would take control of them and use them to produce GOOD in our health and lives.  So one KEY FACTOR in being successful in health and life endeavors is to make sure and literally NOT MAKE SOMETHING HARDER THAN IT REALLY IS!!  No I am not saying that it is going to be easy, yet truly in many cases ME and You make it a lot harder than it ever had to be.  The main issue with MAKING THINGS HARDER THAN THEY SHOULD BE, is that in most cases, you end up quitting and never seeing through with your initial good intentions.  Therefore you fail at taking control of your health and life.  And like my good ole buddy William says: “That aint what You want!”





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