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This morning I was discussing with one of my clients about the SPIRIT, SOUL, BODY approach to taking control of our health and lives.  In short, here is what we reviewed:

Spirit – we are spirit being people.  Our spirit is the foundation of who we are.  It is the “real” us.  In our spirit, through Jesus Christ, lies all the faith, love, joy, peace, and ability we will ever need to take control of our health and lives.

Soul- This is our mind will and emotions.  This is kind of like our filter.  This to a large extent is going to be what determines how our lives go.  Even though we have all we will ever need to succeed in our health and lives on the inside (our Spirit), if our Filter (mind will & emotions) are not allowing the truth of who we are to come out, we will likely never see the true fullness of who God made us.  All the faith power love and ability is still there, yet we often never get to experience it in our own personal lives because of not choosing to literally do as the word says to “Renew our Mind to the Word”.

Body- This is simply our physical body.  Our body to a large extent is simply what our Soul tells it and or allows it to be.  If you think and believe you are out of shape, overweight, low energy, cant control food, hate exercise, have poor genetics, etc, then that is pretty much what you will continually see in your life.

This life is a tough one sometimes.  We all face adversity.  And no matter how much you understand and get control of the Biblical process of Spirit, Soul, & Body, you still will face adverse circumstances.  Yet through Christ, and RENEWING your Mind to His Word and Promises, you can literally take control of your health and life and start eperiencing more of His Best for you!


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