The 3 Basic Principles you need to know to take control of your health and your life.

It is a great day to have a great day!  Ye baby!

Since this is my first post in a little while, I think it is very appropriate to go over our basics again for taking control of our health and lives.  So here goes:

#1 Spirit – Realize that God loves you.  Know that He already put everything inside of you to literally Win in your health and your life.  No everything is not going to go perfect.  Yes you will face adversity.  Yet in the midst of it, He created you and empowered you to overcome and to Win.

#2 Soul- God equipped you will a very powerful tool that when used properly, it can literally steer your life in the direction you truly want it to go: your MIND.  God gave you your Mind so that You can choose to control it and “Renew” it to His truths about you and who you are In ‘Christ. With this renewed Mind you can choose to think and learn to expect and choose to walk in His Faith.  Also, He gave you a tongue that He says has the power of life and death.  So choose life!  Speak Life.  Use your mind and your mouth to steer your health and your life in a positive direction.

#3 Body- this is the Nutrition and Exercise part.  Keep it simple.  Do not overcomplicate things.  Like you have heard me say a bazillion times: Just do the “right” things you already know to do, and this alone can help you to literally change your health and life in a major way”!  Control Food and dont let food control you.  DO NOT worry or try to be perfect.  It aint gonna work.  Just focus on doing better each day.  Be careful about putting yourself under “law” when it comes to food (I cant eat this, and I have to eat that).  It usually doesnt end well.  The Word tells you: It is the law that gives sin its strength.

And just find a way to MOVE.  It may be walking, biking, working out at the gym, etc.  And remember that yes absolutely, 5 or 6 or 7 minutes of working out does do good.  And a lot of good, I guarantee you!

There you have it.  Some simple, yet most powerful principles to remember and to live by.  Now GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!


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